Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr. Fish

There is a very popular spa treatment in Korea called Dr. Fish. There is not much to say other than you put your feet in a pool of water and special fish come and suck the dead skin off your feet.

Dallas and I went to visit my friend Ashely in Songtan, and we did Dr. Fish! Ashely had just hurt her foot, so she didn't want the fishies nibbling on her cut, so she sat out. It was only about $3.00 for 20 minutes of fish time. It took Dallas and I about five minutes to get the guts to stick our feet in the water. I did it first, and all of the fish instantly latched on to my foot. It tickled like crazy and I pulled my foot out right away. They even went in between the toes!

We decided that it would be much better if we put more feet in at once, because there would be less fish per foot. It took several minutes, many screams, and a ton of laughter until we were able to have our feet somewhat comfortably in the pool of fish.

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