Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daytrip to Seoul

I have finally been able to post pictures... so here are a few photo updates...

Lainy trying to block me taking a picture of her on the train.

Chugging along on the tracks... see dad I did tell you there are mountains. Even more so than in this picture.

Our feet on the train.

This is on a long bridge going over the Han River in Seoul. The Han River separates North Seoul and South Soul. We were moving very fast so I kept getting the bridge in the pictures. Those are all high rise apartments (see the mountains in the back?)

Going over the river.

I'm not sure what this building is, but I really love it. Its super tall and shiny gold. I crank my neck around on the train to get a good look every time we go to Seoul.

Entering North Seoul.

Hundreds upon hundreds of massive apartment buildings like this are all over the place. When you can't build out - you build up!

We bumped into a traditional dance and music show.

I found Buddha in the markets!

Christmas lights are starting to pop up! I loved this building. It looked like fire was exploding out of the windows.

Spices for sale!

A lady works her food stand in Insedong.

Dolls dressed in the Korean traditional Hanbok.

Another food vendor on the streets in Insedong.

Somebody makes a deal with a chopstick vendor.

Tons of people! And people walk around all the time like the man with the cross. He has a microphone and has a person carrying a boom box beside him. He is trying to get people to convert to Christianity.

Outside the Seoul train station.

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