Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Namsan Tower

We decided to go to Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower is like the Seattle Space Needle, but on the top of a mountain in Seoul. It was a very very cold day, and we spent the majority of it outside.

It all began at the Suwon train station. We saw a Baskin Robins stand where they were selling hats. These hats are very popular. Kids, adults, men and women wear them. They also come in all different animal heads and shapes and sizes. I took a few pictures to show how ridiculous/awesome these things are.

This long pathway outside of the station is all Christmas decorated. At night it is lit up and beautiful.

This is inside the station. There is a big mall connected called the AK Plaza.

At the train tracks waiting for our train to come.

Suwon train station sign.

On the train - ready to go.

On the train.

We got to the Seoul Station - and there was a massive mob of Police. It looked like they were prepared for a massive riot. We have no idea what was going on but a man was talking on a loud microphone. And after about 15 minutes they all walked away.

Traffic in Seoul... with a little Christmas lights as backdrop.

If you look closely you can see the Namsan Tower! It is on top of the mountain.

We took a cable car ride up to the top of the mountain. It was kind of scary, especially in the dark because you couldn't see much... just trees whizzing past as we climbed higher and higher. There were about 20 other people also standing in the cable car, and it teetered from side to side every now and then. This picture is once we reached the top - looking down at the city through the trees.

Some traditional architecture near the tower.

The base of the tower - with the South Korean flag blowing in the breeze.

They were filming some Christmas special at the base of the tower.

The towers of the world... It is the second in on the right... it is the smallest, but it is also at the top of a mountain... so it kind of balances it all out.

Andrew at the top.

We are facing Chicago! Only 10,525.62 Km away...

This kind of sucks because it is looking through the glass and the reflection shows... but I like the picture otherwise.

Cool bathrooms

These are facemasks that people wear when they are sick. We thought it was hilarious that it was called Cooterboy.

In Korea (as I mentioned in my Guam post) it is very popular to go to the top of a high place with your lover, write your names and a message on a lock, and lock up your love. There are thousands of locks at the top of the tower. This part is a Christmas tree all lit up with the locks attached.

The tree is full of locks and lit up. But also notice the long wall of locks behind it, too.

Don't throw your key away?

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