Sunday, February 7, 2010

LangCon Training

Last Saturday we had to go to a teacher's training because our company is introducing two new levels into our program. The training was at the headquarters in a city called Bundang. When I was initially thinking of going to Korea, I had a job offer in Bundang (as you may know I waited a year so Andrew could come with me). I happen to really like this city, it is an expensive area (maybe a better place to visit, than live).

During one of our breaks we went out and saw our school mascots, waiting to take pictures with us. The foreign teachers separated buildings from the Korean teachers, so we got a foreign teacher staff photo with our Mascots.

(Ssong, Michelle, me, Andrew, Lang, Lainy)

We happened to meet two people from a nearby city and exchanged numbers. The girl is Dallas, oddly enough she is from Canada. The guy is Jacob, from southern Illinois. We have met up with them a few times since training, and we really like them! It is great finally meeting new people. It is hard in our little neighborhood to meet foreigners. 

After training we went for a staff dinner. The boss's son was flying in from his 1.5 year stint in Canada (which is especially impressive as he is about 11 years old). Our boss wanted to buy us dinner but had to get to the airport, so he gave his credit card to one of the Korean staff members. (Could you imagine that ever happening in the States?)

The meal was absolutely delicious. For dessert, came a beautiful looking dish. It had shaved ice, a sweet juice poured on top, candied fruits, and red bean. If I've learned anything about Koreans, its that they love to put red bean in just about anything they can get their hands on. We were told this dessert (the name escapes me) is a popular summer dessert, which we will see all the time once the season comes! Mo-she-so-yo! (it's delicious!)

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