Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photolog Update

I recently just put a ton of pictures on the computer from a long time a go, so I thought I'd update random pictures from the last two months!

This is from the Coex aquarium, where we went on my birthday. It is a blurry picture, but it is a tunnel at the aquarium where sharks and other sea creatures swim over you. Unfortunately, the curve of the glass gave Andrew and I headaches for the rest of the day.

Andrew was mocking the Piranhas.

A computer inside an aquarium?!

This was a display at the aquarium. It was actually pretty small. This is a bridge that went over a little pond with goldfish in it. It's fun that changing the camera angle can make you feel like you're actually at a temple!

Lights in the Coex mall

The Coex mall

We found a Christmas tree!

Our student's parents brought us a cake - shaped like a coffee cup!

Kelly cutting the cake.

After the photoshoot - I couldn't get my hair to go down! 

These are students from my Storytelling class. Grace and Alex.

Jully (the boss's daughter) and her best friend Laura. 

Alex and Grace

The story was "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs"... so they made pig masks.

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