Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video - Telescope Class 1

I have been really wanting to share some videos of my classes so you can see my kids. It is really funny hearing how they talk, and the best way to get the full picture is with a video! I have been randomly bringing my camera to my classes, taking videos before the bell rings or sometimes during the lesson.

I have to post each of these videos separately... so there will be a lot of these posts.

The first one is of my Telescope class (Level 3). It is a pretty beginner class. The students in here are 5-7 years old. This is one of my favorite classes this term. I think Alice is so cute (the girl in the white outfit) she is always really bouncy and happy. This video is when the bell is ringing and she is just bouncing all around. I also teach her older sister who is equally adorable.

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