Sunday, August 8, 2010

A sea of red

Andrew and I were sitting at home with the windows open on a random weekend evening. We were getting ready to grab some dinner and had our windows open. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we heard screaming. Hundreds of people screaming. With worried looks, we ran outside to see what the matter was. We saw no one.  We could see no one, yet still heard screaming. 

Now, tensions were very high with North Korea and so my mind immediately went to, "Oh shit. Where are the passports... lets go!" 

--- silence ---

And then again, hundreds of people screaming. We were really worried. We were meeting up with our new coworker for dinner. He didn't have a cellphone yet, so we were communicating with him via internet. We went on to check and he said, 'Korea just scored a goal!"

Ahhh yes, the World Cup. Not being very big sports fans, Andrew and I hadn't realized the game was on. But where were all the people coming from? They had their windows open in the high rise apartments - and we couldn't see them, but could hear them all screaming at the goals! Hundreds of people all around us, even above us, were all screaming at the same time. It was a very unreal feeling. 

As we walked to the restaurant we heard random screams of joy all around us. 

For the next game, our Korean coworkers asked us if we wanted to go watch in the park after work. I asked if they would have a TV there, and she said yeah, they'll have a big screen. I figured there'd be about 20 people around a TV watching the game. Boy was I wrong! As we approached the park... we realized there were about 10,000 people sitting in the park watching the game on a projected screen. 

A lot of the people were wearing red flashing devil horns. It was hot, humid, and completely crowded. It was so humid, in fact, that it actually looks like it is raining in my photos. This was, unknown to us, what the rest of our summer was going to be like. Every day there is 100% humidity and heat indexes around 120-136*F daily. I did NOT expect that from Korea at all! 

My coworker Sunny.

Some of my female coworkers... with their guy friends.

Andrew got Devil Horns!

A sea of red flashing lights and black hair

Some of my coworkers (except the guy next to me). From Left: Andrew, Tanner, Kelly, Sunny, ? , me

Andrew showed his Wisconsin pride!

Our work group that went together: Kelly, Lainy, Me, Sunny, Andrew, Tanner

South Korean flags

Even the dogs were ready for the game!

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