Friday, September 18, 2009

A lesson on food, part 2

Okay, so after re-reading my last post, I realized I never did mention the food with the leaves. I have said it to a few people over the phone, so I thought I had written about it.

Koreans are very big into sharing food. A ton of food comes to the table, and everyone shares everything. One of our favorite foods is served over either hot coals, or a hot plate. Raw meat comes to the table, usually pork or beef. You then put the meat on the grill. Once the meat is done cooking you can dip it in to a few different sauces they bring to the table.

There are also a ton of other side dishes, including kimchi (mentioned in the previous post), random fermented veggies, fresh veggies, salads, rice, etc. You take a little of whatever you want and put it on a piece of lettuce or a leaf. Wrap it up, and enjoy!

The best part is that you pay for the meat, and all the side dishes come bottomless!

This is Howard, our Korean co-teacher - and Alaina, from boston.

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