Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sparks in My Head.

Today one of my favorite students Max said something that cracked me up. He told me his head was sick. I kept asking him questions as to what he meant... "Do you have a headache? Do you have a cold? Is your nose stuffy? Does your throat hurt?" All were answered with, "no".

He got very excited and was trying to explain. "I have sparks in my head."

"Oh. So it hurts? Ouch? Not nice?"


So we are off to Guam tomorrow. We need to get our working visas and have to be in the United States to get it. Since Guam is the closest part of the US to Korea, that is where we are going... and the school has to pay for our whole trip! Not too bad! We will be back to Korea on Sunday at 7am, so I'll be updating you when we get back!

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