Friday, September 18, 2009


I know I haven't written in a while. It is partially because we are busy, but mainly because I am exhausted and trying to catch up on sleep. Last weekend we went out with our co-worker Alaina (from Boston) and met up with Sean, Melanie and David.

Sean and Melanie have a really awesome apartment in Suwon. They have a massive rooftop balcony where we sat and drank margaritas and ate chips and salsa. It is nearly impossible to find salsa here but David has access to the military base. He went and bought tequila, margarita mix, tostitos, and salsa. He even said there is a Taco Bell on base - we might try to see if we can get in to base some time so we can have a Taco Bell fix. :)

Their apartment is very near a huge outdoor amphitheater and there was a concert of a very popular Korean band. We, however, have no idea who they are or what they were saying... but we had a free show! The balcony overlooks beautiful cityscape and a war memorial park. It was a very enjoyable evening!

Once the tequila ran out we decided to head down the street for rice wine. It was served in a teakettle, although it is a cold drink. Rice wine is consumed from a bowl, not a cup. It looks much like watered-down milk, but tastes shockingly similar to champagne. After two teakettles full, we moved on. We roamed the streets for a while then ended up at a place called The Crazy Duck.

The Crazy Duck apparently attracts many foreigners. We saw a few but stuck to ourselves. We spent some time dancing and drinking rum and cokes. By now we were pretty warmed up. We moved on to our first Norebong. (pronounced no-rae-bong)

We've been told that going to a Norebong is about as stereotypical as it gets. It is a personal karaoke room. We walked in and told them there were six of us. They ushered us to an appropriate sized room where we paid for one hour of service. There is a big screen tv, disco lights, microphones, and mini tv's. There are a few books with song lists and one massive remote control. You select a song and then the lights dim and the disco lights turn on. The stage is now yours. Once you finish the song - the machine rates you on a scale of 1%-100%.

Every now and then our fingers would slip and we would put in a Korean song and have no idea what was going on. Sean is pretty good at reading Korean, so he attempted these songs and shockingly got around 95% every time.

There is a video at the bottom of the girls, singing horribly. Okay, we had a lot to drink and it was 4:30 am...

Roaming the streets. Alaina, Myself, Melanie.

While roaming the streets we found a massive chair. Sean, David, Andrew.

Myself, Alaina, Melanie.

I also found a statue.

In the Norebong. Lights on - before the music started.
Andrew, Alaina, Melanie, Sean.

The girls start our first song together.
Alaina, Melanie, Myself.

Andrew sings his first solo.

I sing my first solo.

Andrew sings again.

Our video!

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