Monday, October 12, 2009

Methane Gas Skins

Another wave of book reports has brought us many laughs. I've written down several to share with you. The kids are supposed to read a book and then do the worksheets associated with their book. Lainy and Andrew both have had students hand in their book reports completely in Korean symbols. Fabulous.

Maria, one of my upper level students was supposed to list items that she would take camping. She did this correctly, including a tent, sleeping bag, skin solution (sunscreen), backpack, and food... etc. On the next page the instructions said "Draw a picture of yourself with all of your equipment". Maria did not draw a picture of herself, in fact she drew a "W" and a chipmunk.

Another student in the same class read a book on recycling. She had several paragraphs and she was supposed to fill in the blanks with words from the word bank. Trying to read her answers was much like reading a bad MadLib. Her answers are in bold:

In rich countries, each person throws away a sack of trash every 10 days. A village of six house would produce an amount of methane gas in waste every week.

Making one tonne of recycled paper saves in tress. This makes light bulb and saves enough energy for a year.

It takes three times more energy to make a new plastic bottle than a recycled one. Recycling one bottle saves enough energy to power a 350 people for 700 phonebooks.

Every year each person throws away 500 kilograms of green waste which is the same as methane gas skins. In landfill sites, green waste produces 850 banana, which is very smelly!

She only had two correct. On the next page she was supposed to write about how her family recycles and why recycling is important. She wrote:

My family are recycle every wednesday at 6:30 clock sometimes we are lazy we recycle at 7:50 clock my family are favirterecycle isa perpers because we are everyday study in the pa per.

The next funny report doesn't come from one of my students, but from Lainy's student. The directions said:

Imagine you are a prince or princess, and you have to get married. Write down some of the traits that you would like your new husband or wife to have. Maybe you would like them to be similar to you. For example, they should care about the environment, or enjoy baseball, or maybe you would like them to be very different from you. Be creative in your thinking.

Her answer:
Castle has big flag. And in castle has big soccer stadium, baseball stadium, basketball stadium. It is move fast. I can jump. I love it.

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