Friday, October 2, 2009


We worked a 4.5 hour day and then we were off on a journey to Guam. We took a shuttle bus to the airport and had two hours until our flight left.

I thought this little boy was adorable... he was zooming around with his luggage.

Not a food court... but a food square.

The airport had a cultural experience center where we painted fans for free.

We finished minutes before our plane was to board, so we ran across the airport to catch our flight.

Nice work, Andrew!

They served us tofu on the plane. It came in what looked like a pudding cup. Now, I have had several tofu dishes and liked them... but this was plain and really not very good.

We landed in Guam at 2am. By the time we made it through customs and got to our hotel it was about 3am. We had to be up early the next morning to make it to the Korean consulate to get our visas. We rented a car for the two days so we could bum around the dinky island. Guam is often called a Japanese playground. So many Japanese people vacation in Guam that mostly everyone speaks Japanese... and our map we were given at the car rental place was in Japanese!

It took us forever to find the consulate. Once we filled out the paperwork we had about six hours to kill before we could go pick them up. We took a nap because we hadn't gotten very much sleep... then had a Taco Bell fix by the water. We were excited to get a little slice of America in those two days!

After getting our visas we did a bunch of shopping. There were a lot of things we realized we needed once we got to Korea but couldn't get... like shoes in my size. I didn't bring many pairs because I figured I didn't want to waste the room in my luggage. I thought I'd buy them in Korea. Well, as it turns out - they don't make shoes above a size 8! We had to do some emergency shoe shopping. We also raided a book store because we can't find much reading in English.

No Target. No Wal-Mart. Just K-Mart, with additional parking on the roof. We bought poptarts, cold medicine, spaghetti sauce, bigger pillows, and big bath towels for $3!

Feels good to drive again!

Our hotel was way bigger than our apartment. We will be taking pictures of our apartment soon!

The view from our room.

The view from our room.

The view from our room.

The view from our room.

The view from our room.

On day two we decided to get in a bunch of sight seeing. We had to fly out at 3am, so were going to cram in as much as we could. Our first stop was Two Lovers Point. Back in the day, there was a princess in Guam who was forbidden to marry the man she was in love with, she was supposed to marry a Spanish guy her dad set her up with. They decided to run away together but got caught by the military. They ran up to this cliff and tied their hair together and jumped the 500 foot drop to their deaths. It was absolutely beautiful!

Two Lovers Point.

Two Lovers Point.

Two Lovers Point.

It is very popular in Korea to lock up your love. Because Guam is very popular with Japan, we assume it is also very popular in Japan also. Lovers will write their names on a lock, and leave it usually in a very high place. Andrew and I were going to do this, but they had run out of locks. They said we could do it with a luggage tag, but some how that doesn't really have the same effect...

I had a Titanic moment... looking out at the Philippine Sea.

We then decided to take a trip down to the beach. Guam is obnoxiously hot. You step outside and are instantly sweating. It is not only hot, but humid. I don't know if I have ever experienced heat and humidity this strong. We usually didn't want to be outside too much, it was that hot. A swim sounded nice, but we were flying in a few hours and didn't really want wet swimsuits. So, we just waded in the water.

A lady walked up to us and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of us together. She then asked us how long we would be in Guam. When we told her we were flying out at 3am. She then gave us a bunch of places we should try and see before leaving. One of which was a church up on a cliff. It has a glass wall and glass alter in the back. She said if we knocked on the door they will let us in to take a peek.

We went there and there was a wedding going on. So we went back to our hotel for a little while. Andrew then decided he wanted to go back to the church on the cliff. He said we should get dressed up because after we were going to the Hilton to watch a Polynesian dance show for cocktails. So we got dressed up, and head off to the church.

No one was there to let us in so we walked around. Sure enough, here was the glass wall and the glass altar.

I was snapping pictures of the scenery, and then Andrew pulled me aside... and proposed on the cliff!

(I said yes.)

Andrew wanted a serious picture.

We then rang the bells at the church and ran away to our car.

Andrew then took me back to the bookstore so I could pick out some bridal magazines. He knows it will be a year until we are home and will be able to find them in English... so thoughtful!

We then headed to the Hilton for the Polynesian dance show. There was live music and even flame throwers!

Check out these videos of the flame dancers!

When we were at the Hilton I saw this massive doughnut. I thought it looked delicious so we got it as our engagement cake. I thought it was gross, so Andrew ate it himself.

After the show we packed up our things and headed to the airport for our 3am flight back to Korea. So all in all I think Guam was a pretty successful weekend! We became legal workers in Korea and got engaged! Not too bad, if you ask me!

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