Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Apartment!

So people have been asking us for picture of our apartment and our school... so here they are!

This is our bed. Our school gave us an orange and brown comforter and hot pink sheets. The window has a blanket on it because we are on the first floor and there is a bright street light that shines in our eyes when we sleep. Curtains are obnoxiously expensive over here (about $70 for the cheap ones and that wouldn't even cover the whole window) So we put up two hooks, a shower curtain, and bought a cheap blanket.

Also... notice the stepping stool on the ground under the window. That is because we have to climb up trough the window to go to our laundry room. It is only about 5" tall so we have to crouch over. Our landlord, however, has no problem standing up straight. The fan is in the window drying our laundry.

All of our windows are sliding windows, much like a patio door. That box on the wall is our air conditioner. (Can you spot our Spam gift bags?)

This is our TV. We use the drawers in the TV stand as our dresser drawers. The thing hanging on the wall is a table runner. I thought it was pretty and we needed some wall decorations, so we nailed that sucker into the wall.

This is our little kitchen table. We don't really have room for anything bigger. Those sliding doors go in to the entrance way/kitchen/bathroom area. That smoked glass and pattern is what is on all of the windows... which makes funky patters on the walls at night when the outside lights shine in.

That tall thing is our closet. The smaller brown one is supposed to be a shoe cabinet. It was by our front door, but we needed more space for our clothes because there is two of us, and we are pretty sure this is a one person apartment.

Another view of the kitchen table and sliding door.

The short little laundry room and our hanging clothes. Behind the clothes rack is a window which looks out to the front street.

The machine in the back is our small washing machine. Those windows are more sliding windows that go outside. They are open so the fresh air comes in to dry the clothes.

Stupid tiny laundry room. They probably didn't realize they would have the tallest person in Korea living in this apartment. Andrew pretty much has to be on his knees to fit comfortably.

This is the front door. The box in the middle is the door bell. There are also three locks on the door. That tiny tiled space in front of the door is supposed to be where your shoes are taken off. Our landlord walked in and yelled at us because we had our shoes on the wooded area near the door. People get really angry when you don't take off your shoes!

I'm standing in kitchen taking the picture. To the left is the sliding door in to the bedroom. To the right is our bathroom...

Our bathroom has kitchen tile on it. It has a bowl of rice, booze, and buns. Koreans are kind of crazy with their horrible decorating skills. Do you see the shower? Oh... its that hose connecting to the sink. We turn on the water in the sink. Once the temperature is comfortable, we flip a switch and it comes through the shower head. Don't forget to turn the switch back though, or next time you go to wash your hands you will actually get a shower.

The drain is under the sink. Also, the bathroom is raised up about 8 inches from the kitchen floor. This is so water doesn't leak out into the rest of the apartment.

This is the kitchen. Not very large.

Stove top - no oven. and sink.

The drying rack hangs above the sink. Also, this little silver space is the only counter space I have to cook. Not very convenient!

Our fridge is tiny, but we find that all of the fridges around here are this size.

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