Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One million won!

Alright, so I realize I've been very slack on my blog lately... so I'm going to try and give a brief update in the next few posts. (Shorter posts are always easier to read, right?)

So I hadn't been writing, mainly because it felt like nothing had been happening, but looking back on the last two weeks, a lot has actually happened!

Andrew and I ventured to Yongsan in Seoul. Yongsan is a basically a neighborhood which has the electronics market. It was like we had died and gone to electronics heaven. I wish I had taken better pictures of the market, but I know that we will probably be making frequent trips there!

The Eiffel Tower in Korea?

One teeny tiny booth compared to the rest of the market.

A boy takes a food break.

This went on and on in five story tall buildings... one after another... with winding hallways and more electronics crammed in there than you could ever possibly imagine. (I'll take better pictures next time, I promise!)

I bought a new SLR digital camera! For those of you who aren't familiar with camera terms... it basically means a professional digital camera. So I definitely will be taking higher quality pictures! I couldn't be more excited. This is something I've wanted to buy for years.

I got a really good deal on the camera... and it came out to be One Million Won! I went to the ATM to get out the cash... Korea's biggest bill is 10,000 won.... so it was basically like pulling out $1,000 in $10 bills.

That's a thick wallet! That's my Alien Registration Card... and a fortune cookie that says, "you will travel to many exotic places," which I keep with me at all times.

The next day I went back to Seoul with Lainy to go shopping... I had told her I would go before I had gone and spent 1,000,000 won... but had promised I'd take her. She hadn't been to Seoul yet so I was showing her the way. We got to the subway and tried to cram ourselves in with all the other people. The doors started closing as I was heading in and my arm got stuck in the door.

Now, when this happens on US subways... there is a sensor that opens the door back up. NOT IN KOREA! Here I am stuck with one arm and my purse on the outside of the door, while the rest of me was on the inside! I pulled and pulled (and started freaking out a little because I didn't want to loose an arm). I managed to pull my arm and 1/2 of my purse inside the train before it started moving. Luckily, my camera was on the inside of the train, so Lainy took a picture of my purse stuck in the door.


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