Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pepero Day!

November 11th was Pepero Day. Pepero Day is a lot like Valentine's Day... except everyone gets Peperos. Peperos are like a sweet pretzel dipped in chocolate. Our students brought Peperos for the other students in class (and the teachers!). A lot of the wrappers say "I love you" on them.

The Hallmark-esque holiday was placed on November 11 because, when laid out, Peperos are long sticks that look like 11/11.

After work, Andrew and I went to Home Plus. Our taxi driver was eating the tasty treat on the way there. He then said 'PEPERO DAY!" And shoved a few in our faces to eat. We also saw lovers walking hand in hand, the girls carrying large stuffed Peperos.

Two weeks later and I still have Peperos left in my desk!

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