Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our work building

So I said I'd take a few pictures of our floor going in to work... and here they are!

I like these women's bathroom signs. The men's bathroom has a man wearing a top hat.

As we come up the stairs to the second floor (where our school is) this is our view. Every day a giant octopus in tongs. Next to it is a golf shop. LanGCon is down the hallway on the right.

This is another view of the giant octopus. This is the first restaurant on our floor on the way to our school.

This is a sign by the stairs/elevator for our school. See the Columbus hat logo?

The golf shop. Bathrooms are on the left. One of the doors to the vet clinic is on the end of the hallway. The other door is across from our school.

All of these are shops/restaurants.

They all have open glass doors. On the left is a restaurant. On the right is a different restaurant. And on the right closer to the next hallway is a photo studio.

This is the end of the first hallway. We turn left right before this point to go to our school, but on the left is a restaurant and on the right is a salon/nail studio. Notice all of the salon's laundry hanging at the end of the hallway (it is the green rags on the drying racks). No driers in Korea... You will see all down the streets shops that hang their laundry on the road to dry. No one takes it because Koreans are very honest people.

A little bit further back. Two restaurants and salon on the right, another restaurant on the left. This is the part of the hallway where we turn to go to school.

These are three of the guys we work with. They are all dressed up for parent/teacher conferences. Left to right, Tony, Howard, Kevin. Tony is the Teacher's Assistant. Howard is a teacher, and Kevin is the computer guy. Kevin doesn't speak English, but tries to have conversations with us in Korean. He does it hoping that we will learn Korean... however, when we don't understand he just starts speaking Korean louder.

This is the shop next door to our school. It is a Hanbok tailoring store. They make the traditional Korean outfits (called Hanbok).

This is our school from the outside. See the cubbies hanging on the wall... that's the library. The vet clinic is directly across the hall from our door.

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