Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Tokyo

The next day it was back to raining. I was in the workings of a very terrible sinus infection. I felt fatigued, fevered, and extremely disappointed. We spent the beginning of the day relaxing at our hostel. I was in no condition to go roaming around. 

Once 5:00 came around, we decided to go to the Sega Joypolis. This was an indoor amusement park. (I know, the perfect place to go to with a sinus infection). It was a lot of fun... they had a roller coaster, and a ton of virtual reality rides. We spent all evening there... and every time I'd get off a ride I had to grab on to something because all my sinus pressure was messing with my inner ear balance. (I'm sure the rides didn't help)

Tokyo does not have much room - so this is how they did their parking!

Something corrupted my file... so there are grey lines, sorry. 

Japanese is way more confusing to us than Korean!

Just like Korea, Japan has a lot of funny English signs. This is on the outside of a clothing store. 

Inside the Sega Joypolis. 

The Rainbow Bridge. 

Outside the Sega Joypolis. 

Hobos live in class here! 

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