Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rickshaw in Tokyo

It was finally not raining... so we decided to take full advantage of the day. It was also Andrew's birthday and Valentines Day. (I have split this day up in to multiple posts because there are way too many pictures)

First we headed off to Asakusa; there was a Shinto temple there that we really wanted to see. When we got off the subway we were greeted with two interesting buildings. We later found out that the tall golden building is a beer company's headquarters. They made the building to look like a glass of beer, with foam on the top. (I think they did a pretty good job). 

The second building made no sense to us, until we were given an explanation. It was made to look like an Olympic torch, with the flame going up. The flame, however, was too heavy, so after a while they changed it and put the flame laying on it's side. I think it looks more like something else, but you can let your imagination make it's own assumptions. 

We then decided to try and find the temple. Along the way we saw several rickshaws... 

... so of course we joined in!

He is turning us around, and getting ready to take off... 

... and off we go!

This is the entrance to the walkway to the temple. 

A local stopped us and asked if he could take a picture for us. 

Entering a market area. 

This was an important building. I can not remember now why... but I think it has something to do with Monks and Bill Clinton. 

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