Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Tokyo

The next day we met up with Andrew's old roommate who is now living in Japan. He brought along his girlfriend and one of his co-workers. We started out the day at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. They had a big reflective ball that resembled the Chicago Bean:

Inside we got to see a Japanese writing display:

Tokyo rain and umbrellas...

After the museum we moved on see the Sony Museum. This is where they had all the future electronics on display, including amazing cameras, 3D televisions and 3D video games... the list went on and on. It was fun to play with all the new technology that will be coming out in a few years. 

For Valentines Day they had a floral arrangement show... I took several pictures and got a few ideas for our wedding centerpieces! 

New PS3 games...

Then we headed too a restaurant for lunch. Korean food is so spicy and we are constantly on the look out to be sure our meal won't be inedible. It was very refreshing not worrying about spice in our food! 

I had a very delicious stew.

Andrew had some porkish thing. I'm not sure what it was. 

We then headed to Akihabara which is like the electronics area. 

Next we headed to a couple of arcades. I am not using the word arcade lightly. These were sometimes six stories tall... with one theme of games on each floor. 

This floor had just virtual reality games.

We then ventured out for some night lights... 

Andrew, Jason (Andrew's old roommate), Andrew, and Kashko is in the front. (I'm not sure how to spell her name... but that is how it sounded)

Next we went to Shibuya Crossing. This is the world's busiest intersection. This intersection was filmed in the movie "Lost In Translation". There were literally hundreds of people crossing every few minutes... and this happens day and night. 

Walking through Shibuya Crossing! 

We went to the second floor of a Starbucks across the street so we could watch the people walking. 

I took a couple of videos. The video upload feature wasn't working (which is why this blog was taking a long time for me to post) but I've decided just to post links to my youtube page so you can see the videos there. 

Next we went to a restaurant for some drinks and snacks. On our way down the stairs to the restaurant we ran in to Buddha. 

Andrew and his old roommate being goofy... 

We have no idea what this food was... but it was salty and delicious!

There is a Shakey's Pizza in Tokyo!

There is an old story of a loyal dog. He followed his master to work every day. He would go back to wait for his master so they could walk home from work. His master died but the dog still went every day to wait for his master to walk him home... until the dog died several years later. This is the dog's statue.

We then went back to our hostel and relaxed in the lounge.

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