Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tokyo Ninja

The hostel we stayed in was called the "Khaosan Tokyo Ninja". When researching where to stay, how could you pass up a place like this? Usually when hosteling, I check in to the biggest room possible because they are the cheapest. You are then sharing the room with 10-12 people. 

We decided to go the double private route. It was only about $3 extra per night... so it was a no-brainer. When we walked in to our room... we realized why it was so cheap! It was absolutely tiny! The width from the bed to the wall was about the width of our suitcase! 

The beds did not have mattresses on them. Instead they had a layer of memory foam on top of wood. The pillow was also a slice of memory foam. The beds were surprisingly comfortable... however I could have gone for about four more slices of memory foam for a thicker pillow. 

Not a very big room!

This is the outside of the hostel. 

This was our only non-raining day... and also happened to be Andrew's birthday! We are drinking Mt. Dew to energize for a long day of touring! 

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