Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tokyo Skyline

After the temple we headed to an observation tower where we could get a free look at the city. It was dusk when we arrived, so we also got to see a night view. Unfortunately there was a terrible glare on the glass. I tried to cover it up with my jacket, but still got glares. Also, I had brought a tripod along... and eventually got yelled at, so I stopped taking pictures. 

I don't know what this building is... but I really liked it. 

The glowing orange thing in the center is the Tokyo Tower. It looks like a red and white version of the Eiffel Tower. They built it after the Eiffel tower, so it is actually taller.  It is the World's largest steel structure. 

You can see the tip of the Tokyo tower on the right. I think they had some sort of a sports event going on in the center... which are the ridiculously bright lights. 

This building was somewhat metallic, so the surrounding city lights gleamed off of it's surface. 

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