Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tokyo World Trade Center

It was our last day in Tokyo, we had a late flight so we had some time to see the city before taking off. We headed to the Tokyo World Trade Center Building. 

Our Ninja hostel had some props to take pictures with.

Tokyo World Trade Center Building. 

A daytime view of Tokyo. 

The red and white Tokyo Tower. 

We tried to take a picture of ourselves... but failed. 

We had a worker take a picture of us... but we got mainly ceiling and a cropped tower. I did my best to crop it properly! 

We were then off to the airport. Let me tell you - flying with a sinus infection is a horrible idea! It felt really good to get back to Korea... Japan seemed so foreign to us. We felt comfortable getting back to the familiarity of Korea... there is a lot of comfort knowing you are able to read signs and speak bits of a language!

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